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MPEG China is the short name for Chinese Delegation to MPEG and responsible to China National Information Technology Standardization whose secretariat is run by CHINA Electronics Standardization Institute . In 1996, Prof. Wen GAO from Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, was accredited as the head of Chinese delegation (HoD) to MPEG by the Multimedia Subcommittee under China National Information Technology Standardization, the Chinese counterpart of MPEG. Thanks to the efforts made by the domestic enterprises, research institutes and universities actively engaged in and under the leadership of Prof. Wen GAO, China has come to have a say in the MPEG standardization work and witnessed a far cry from that in the early stage when it just listened to the technical proposals made by other countries.

MPEG China established in 1998 calls conferences at regular intervals to give report on the research being worked on, program layout, progress, and achievement. It expects to improve the competitiveness of China in international this area and meanwhile promote the development of Chinese independent standardization. To the end of 2010, MPEG China will have held in China seven MPEG international meetings, nearly once a year since 2005, in Beijing 2000, Shanghai 2002, HK 2005, Hangzhou 2006, Shenzhen2007, Xian2009, Guangzhou 2010.

MPEG China website is constructed at the right moment when increasing number of enterprises and individuals begin to focus on MPEG, expect to engage in the its standardization work and wish to keep update with its development through a domestic window in a quick and convenient way.

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