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On this page you will find the information about MPEG meetings held in China and other great events related with MPEG China.

The 99th MPEG Meeting will be held from February 3-10, 2012 in San Jose, California, United States, the meeting information is available here. (December 22, 2011)

The 95th MPEG Meeting will be held from Jan.24 to 28, 2011 in Korea, the meeting information will be publicized soon. (Nov.01, 2010)

The 94th MPEG cooperatively held by Peking University and Sun Yat-Sen University took place in the Gaungzhou Baiyun International Convention center from Oct. 7-15, 2010 with span of eight days. 464 delegates representing 22 countries attended the meeting, among which 75 Chinese delegates affiliated to 27 companies, Universities, institutes or organizations were presented at the meeting. The increasing attendance by Chinese delegation reflected the escalating attention by Chinese government and social bodies in this realm to the importance of international standards on Chinas technologic and economic development. The 94th MPEG meeting was mainly working on the technology in video and audio coding processing, system transfer and digital royalty management and made special discussion on the details in HEVC standard (High Efficiency Video Coding). More than 50 technical and informational proposals submitted by Chinese delegates from Peking University, Huawei Technology, Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University, Xidian University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and several others were presented on the corresponding technical meetings. By the end of the conference, several Chinese proposals were adopted and about 20 proposals were planned to be discussed at the next meeting. This has been the seventh time for China to hold MPEG meeting since the first MPEG meeting was held in China in 2000. We regarded it as an important way for China to actively participate in the international standardization in technologic and logistic sense. Nov. 01, 2010

The 90th MPEG and 50th JPEG meeting held by Xidian University took place in Xian, China in October 2009,

The 78th Mpeg and JVT Meeting held by Zhejiang University were convened in Hangzhou in October 2009. More than 340 delegates representing more then 20 NBs were present at the conferences.

The 71st ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11 Meeting was held in HK, during Jan. 17-21, 2005. More than 30 Chinese delegates led by Prof. Wen GAO China HoDattended the meeting. It is sponsored by MPEG China and organized by HK University of Science and Technology.

The 62nd MPEG and 28th JPEG meeting took place in Pudong, Shanghai, China, from Oct. 21-25, 2002. More than 300 experts representing about 20 countries participated the meeting.

The 53th MPEG meeting was successfully held in Beijing in July 2000.

A Delegation of seven members was sent to the 48th MEPG Meeting held in Vancouver, Canada, based on imbursement of "863 plan" fund. Two of the four technical proposals prepared by Institute of computing technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing Industrial University were presented at the meeting, and it was the first time for China to make proposals to MPEG.

MPEG China was founded, it convened conferences at regular intervals to introduce the research being worked on, program layout, progress, and achievement and discuss new proposals.

In 1996, Prof. Wen GAO from Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, was accredited as the Head of Delegation (HoD) to MPEG by the Multimedia Subcommittee under China National Information Technology Standardization the Chinese counterpart of MPEG.

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