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How to attend MPEG Meeting by joining MPEG China Delegation:

Attendance at MPEG meetings requires accreditation by a National Standards Body or standards committee in liaison. Experts attending MPEG not representing a committee in liaison must be members of a National Delegation under the responsibility of a Head of Delegation appointed by the National Body.

According to the relevant measures of the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (SAC) on management of Chinese delegation to technical international standards, the Chinese delegates and their affiliations have to submit executed recommendation letters and application forms to relevant institute for record. Chinese delegation shall be constructed once when a MPEG meeting will be held and one Hod shall be officially appointed by SAC to be responsible for corresponding organizing works.

To join in MPEG China delegation as a group member to attend meeting, you are requested to filled out and post to us two copies of executed recommendation letters and application forms, and four months before a MPEG meeting send to us by e-mail the mpeg meeting registration form, your information shall be submitted to relevant national standard administrative department for record, and sent to MPEG secretariat for registration of accredited Chinese delegates list.

MPEG usually holds four meetings a year, the meeting information can be found here: http://mpeg.chiariglione.org/meetings .

1. A platform will be established for the Chinese delegation members to exchange ideas through mail list, telephone conference and when necessary in physical presence before MPEG meeting.
2. To facilitate the work of mpeg meeting organizer, the participants are encouraged to make online registration themselves again on the meeting website. Payment and application for visa have to be completed by delegates themselves.
3. The Chinese presence at mpeg meeting in a united delegation is in the interest of its individual delegates and can strengthen the influence of the group as a whole.


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